World Cup 2018 Potential Venue Fury

The recent furore concerning Milton Keynes franchised football club managing to get its ground listed as an approved venue for Englands 2018 World Cup bid, escalated today with a response from Wimbledon Independent Supporters Association.

Since first voicing their disapproval at this surprising inclusion, WISA received a letter from the MK "Supporters" Association which accused them of breaking the terms of the Accord, signed by both sides as a deal to facilitate Wimbledon's honours to Merton, in return for recognition of the MK "Supporters" Association by football supporters representative bodies.

The reasons for the MK objection to WISA's statement, and the subsequent government petition against the inclusion, launched by Wimbledon fan Rob Crane, appear somewhat tenuous, though you can of course form your own viewpoint from perusing the related correspondence at

Most questionably, if the World Cup bid has any connection to history or tradition, MK has neither, and if facilities are the reasoning, there must be several long established clubs within a reasonable radius which can offer them to equivalent or higher standard.

Any supporters wishing to sign the petition against MK's inclusion in the 2018 World Cup bid are invited to visit and add their name to the growing chorus of disapproval, where just under a thousand people have already done likewise.